How to Fix a Broken Car Window

Broken auto glass is a problem that no one wants to face. While you wait for the glass to be repaired, it is important to protect your window. It is important that every car owner can fix the problem, regardless of whether it was caused by a Smash and grab accident or hail.

Driving with a broken auto window is usually not a problem. The car should either be replaced or repaired as soon as possible. In the meantime, you can cover the glass and remove it. The interior of your car will be safe, but not from theft.

What you will need to repair a cracked window

  • Thick work gloves
  • One Roll of Masking Tape
  • Micro-fiber cloth.
  • You can use plastic trash bags that are dense to cover broken windows temporarily. The temporary window cover won’t provide good visibility until you replace it. You can see the color and light of peripheral fields with a clear, transparent bag.

How to Temporarily Cover Broken Windows

1. Preparation

Wear work gloves when handling glass fragments. Use a bag or container that allows you to dispose of or recycle the material easily.

2. Remove Broken Glass

Remove any large pieces of broken glass. Throw the broken pieces in the bag or container with your hands. Break off any glass still attached to the car. Remove the smaller pieces with a vacuum cleaner from the interior of the car and the frames around the windows. Use a long vacuum attachment to reach smaller glass shards in the carpet, car seat and door.

3. Window Cleaning

The surfaces around the window will need to be prepared to ensure good adhesion. It is essential to clean the window seals and car frames on all sides with a damp rag. With a wet rag, clean the car frames and window seals on all sides. Allow this area to dry for a few minutes.

4. Place the Plastic Cover

Position the plastic from the interior of the car on the window frame. To temporarily fix the bag, use a small amount of masking tape. Only use masking tape. Use only masking tape.

5. Secure the Plastic Cover

Preparation: Cut 6-10 longer pieces of masking tape. Pull the plastic toward the side of the frame. Use one piece of tape to attach the plastic on each side of the window. The plastic should be taut, with no slack on the surface. The plastic will flap and make noise while driving if you do this.

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