How To Choose The Right Industrial Gear Oil?

Industrial Gear Oil Manufacturers In UAE Helps In Selecting The Right Industrial Gear Oils

Industrial gears are subjected to a wide range of operating conditions. The weather is one of the most decisive factors, ranging from hot to cold, to humid in most cases. Today, gearboxes have undergone changes in structure, and you will get smaller ones that are made from lighter materials. This is in stark contrast with the ones that were available in the past. 

The gearboxes are created with the sole intention of transmission of more power and reliability. Owners and plant managers expect the industrial gears to function unhindered, with zero downtime. Industrial gear oil manufacturers in UAE can help you in achieving your goals if you use the right oils for the purpose. Smaller gearboxes today, work under high loads, which results in higher oil temperatures. This results in faster oxidation of the gear oils. The sludge that forms, shortens the lifespan of the gears and the oil that is applied. 

You must also take into consideration, the working conditions at the plants. The condition in steel mills and manufacturing units can be anything but clean and dry. So, choosing the right gear oil is very important. 

Conditions Impacting Gear Oil Performance 

  • Harsh EnvironmentThe environment is quite harsh at the plants, to be precise. Along with a lot of heat, high pressure, and contaminants, dirt, and grime can harm your equipment and also the performance of your chosen gear oil. The above factors, if not controlled within time, can impact the usage patterns of gear oil, leading to over-consumption. Proper lubricant maintenance can help you to overcome low performance, but not completely. The industrial gear oil manufacturers in UAE can provide you with the right gear oil, to suit your needs. 
  • Gearbox SizeThis is another noteworthy aspect of gearboxes and oil consumption patterns. As already stated, today’s gearboxes are small and lightweight. However, they are expected to perform at par with the older gearboxes. Equipment loads are increasing manifold, and that can lead to higher temperatures and rapid oxidation. Oxidation leads to the rapid formation of sludge, which eventually shortens oil life and gear life, as well. You may have to shell out more money, to get the gearboxes repaired. 

Industrial Gear Oil Manufacturers In UAE Helps In Selecting The Right Industrial Gear Oil 

To handle the increasing demands for optimum gearbox performance, you need to invest in the right gear oils. The oils must include high-performance additives, too. This will ensure the thermal stability and longevity of the oils. The oil can then, protect the gearboxes for longer and also keep the system clean. Most oils in the market meet the minimum prescribed standards, but may not be durable enough. 

So, here are a few pointers that will help you to choose the right gear oil for your gearboxes. 


This is the first factor, which you need to take into account. The small gearboxes are expected to perform better than their older counterparts. However, the spaces are small and the tolerance level is lower, in comparison to the older ones. The reservoirs are smaller in size and the oil is required to stay in the system for longer. Therefore, you need to ensure cleanliness in the environment. If the chosen oil has a high viscosity, it will lead to more friction, and may also consume more power. The rate of oxidation will also increase. Sludge and varnish formation increases manifold, which can in turn damage the machine parts, block filters, and valves. 

On the other hand, if the lubricant is less viscose, it can pass through the spaces between the moving parts more easily. The oil will also be able to carry the contaminants away toward the outlets. You do not need to change the gear oil quite often, as the deposition is less. Your gearboxes and machinery will experience less downtime over the course of time. 


Industrial gear oils are expected to be more durable, than other lubricants as well. Most lubricants meet the minimum specifications when new, but lose their performance levels after a length of time. You should always use oils that are formulated for extended durability, as they can maximize productivity and lower machine maintenance costs. Normal gear oils may not be able to keep up with high-pressure situations, which makes specialty gear oils a necessity. 


It can be quite difficult to keep water intrusion at bay, as there may be water seepage in the reservoir. Water used in routine plant maintenance can enter the reservoir breather and lead to condensation after the heat-generating equipment has been shut down. Water may seep in by other means, as well. The ultimate result is corrosion. The chosen gear oil must have the capability to separate water, at all temperature points. Rapid drainage of water, from the system will lead to an extension of the gearbox life and oil life, as well. The industrial gear oil manufacturers in UAE can provide you with the most suitable oil for your gearboxes. 

Final Words 

When choosing industrial gear oil, you should ask the industrial gear oil manufacturers in UAE, if it is the recommended type. Moreover, you will also be able to source performance-related information from trustworthy suppliers. The delivery of clean and water-free gear oil is important to ensure the optimum performance of your machinery. So, go for the best in the market.